Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Simple Steps to Reactivate a Yahoo account

Yahoo is a very popular and widely known email service available worldwide. There are a large number of users; who use it on a regular basis. In quite a few cases, the users do not regularly use it. In such cases, their accounts are deactivated. In other cases, if you do not follow the Yahoo guidelines, your account is deactivated as per the rules. This may turn out to be quite problematic.

Whenever, you come across a situation that your Yahoo account is deactivated, you can choose any of the methods mentioned below to reactivate your account. These methods work only if your account is recoverable. If your account has been blocked due to some activities performed that do not follow the Yahoo guidelines, there are quite a few chances that your Yahoo account will be recovered by this method.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

What to do if you Forgot Yahoo Password and Security Question?

Yahoo mail users need a valid username and password to access their Email account and different services provided by Yahoo. Few of the people tend to forget their username or password. Earlier the users were provided with the option to reset their Yahoo password security questions. In this case, you were required to answer the questions they had provided while login. But in some of the cases, the users forgot their Yahoo security question and their answers as well. In other cases, it was quite easy to hack into the users account. Keeping these loopholes in mind, Yahoo discontinued this process to recover the Yahoo account.